"Find what you love
and let it drive you"

Our Story

It’s about being true to form, real, raw, accessible - and yet delightfully refined. We do it differently and we love what we do, ultimately, it’s for you.

Being 100% Australian made and owned, it’s our hardworking family and friends who can take credit for crafting a dedicated, proud and playful Underground Spirits culture. This is the breath and body of our brand – without them, we’d still be underground and undiscovered.

For us, it’s all about Trust. The people who make a difference to us personally, are the backbone to Underground Spirits professionally.

Underground is about invention, family, friends and unwavering passion. We wanted to make something wonderful, so we did.

So here’s to you, and here’s to a glass of wonderful!

Our People

The Connected Team

Our team embraces globalisation. We live across the world. Our family & friends are spread far & wide. That's how the world is now. We are close, as our ideas flow across at least three continents. We are a friends & family business and we want to share our innovation. We drink vodka. We drink gin. We share our experiences, globally.

Toby Angstmann

Dedicated Innovator

Toby has mastered many domains and is absolutely not your average joe. Father, Husband, Obstetrics Dr, Distiller, Pioneering Underground cofounder and former Australian Rugby Union player. He’s got the proven grit, wit and know-how for this new business bit. Despite that fact, somehow, amidst all of his achievements, he’s remained perpetually humble. Affable and energetic, he gives all areas of his life 110% devotion. When he’s not tending to pregnant mothers, delivering babies, writing software code or distilling Underground goodies, he’s kayaking down the Murrumbidgee with an excited family in tow. Toby knows first-hand, through science, study and simply every day life, that trust is earned, empowerment fought for and innovation birthed. Our resident Dr. Toby Angstmann is not only in the house - he built it.

Claudia Roughley


Underground CEO Claudia has seen a lot in International Events and Venue Management. Her prestigious placements in both Sydney and London meant that pandemonium became a kind of normal, so she’s well-versed with a hectic schedule.
She nurtures the strengths of people she leads and draws strength from a diverse competency base. Accountable, open and interested in others, she’s the CEO Underground is proud to have.

“Underground is a new challenge and direction for me, a family business that I am so proud to be part of. I love the innovation, I love the cultivation and I love the global way in which we work.” - Claudia Roughley

Vivien Pailas

Marketing & Communications Manager

Our resident jetsetter and Marketing guru has an impressive background working with start-ups, big corporates & everything in between. Her career has taken her from Sydney to London, New York and Berlin and she loves nothing more than spreading the Underground love, bringing our heart and soul to life with crafty campaigns and marvellous brand management. The queen of artisanal food and drink, when she’s not on her laptop she can be found cooking up a storm in the kitchen sipping on a Shiraz & Pepperberry Gin.

Andrew Galbraith


Andrew is Key Spokesman and Distiller for Underground. Pairing Medical Science Qualifications and a robust hospitality portfolio, he’s the ideal unconventional Underground blend.
When not sharing Underground goodies in bars, clubs and restaurants, he’ll be enjoying an Underground Espresso Martini (or Negroni) – or four. He’s the guy to talk to when you want to know what makes Underground Spirits exciting.

Ross McQuinn


Ross is the perfect Underground blend of passion, experience, practicality and fun. As our Distiller and premium flavour fan, he’s all about perfecting blends and trialling innovative concepts.
Years of fast-paced hospitality practice means he’s the practical go-to guy for operational know-how and optimal taste making. On his off-days you can find him enjoying an Underground classic, Camping, or both!